It somehow strikes us whenever we see a woman in a dress with bold colors, thinking how beautifully she lights up her surroundings instead of the usual dominant black, grey, dark or earthy uni colors that we see in the streets.

This phenomenon applies more to the northern parts of the hemisphere whereas in many southern cultures of Latin America, Caribbean Islands, Africa, Middle-East, India and South-East Asia, clothes range from a charming panoply to a chaotic potpourri of colors. Do not get us wrong, we love them all.

Nowadays it seems to be quite difficult to find colorful dresses in shops which are tasteful at the same time, unless you come across an high-end designer piece whereas some decades back, from the golden 20s, glamorous 30s, romantic 40s, rocking 50s, crazy 60s to the funky 70s and popping 80s, fashion trends were nothing monotonous. Probably with the grungy minimalist style of the 90s colors started to fade away leaving our 21st century with an urban, rather casual look, less daring in colors.

Thus, we thought it was time for a new dress era, revolutionizing everyday streetwear, with flowers, symbols, batik or abstract art designs, in pastel and why not intense or flashy colors, expressing your personality or mood and surely brightening up your day, especially in contrast of the oh-so-not-pretty Covid-19 face mask that we are wearing.

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