Wouldn’t it be nice if I could make all dresses fit my size?

Some of the dresses that I am wearing are “medium” size and others are “large”. Others again are somehow in between of the two, whether fitting above but not below or the other way round. Some curvy tight-cut dresses are for some reason only available in “small” or “extra-small’ sizes, making me think that I am not supposed to wear those kinds of shapes. Alternatively, there is the “no size” solution where, if making sure to fit in, I would look like a potato sack. And if you happen to be “plus size” or pregnant, then you are limited to certain dress models anyway.

Even when dresses seem to fit well in the fitting-room, they somehow changed their “mind” at home. I am not talking about the cases bought online where I was sure I would look like the mannequin in the picture, ending up taking the dress to the around-the-corner tailor to move buttons and altering waistlines.

Thus, imagine, one could simply not worry about any size anymore, since there would be just one size, “MY size!”. Just choosing any dress I like and have it tailored to my exact measures, fitting like a glove without even having to roll up the sleeves …

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